new location!!!

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check it out guys!!!  the blogs are all moving over to the kiddnation section! 

thats where we’ll be posting from now on..

of course, you can still email me at and you can still check on the bar at! (NEW TSHIRTS AND HATS!!!)


a nice weekend!

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So im out with a friend that was looking for something to do (like I do so often), and we ended up meeting up and going to a house party. Ok, no this was a mansion party. This house was huge and it was beautiful. Almost too beautiful. It was so “perfect” I don’t even think I could live there. I like to be able to kick my shoes off and let ‘em sit in the middle of the floor and in this house, I got the feeling if I did that, someone would come right behind me and pick them up and I would never see ‘em again. So, im hanging with my date and we had a good time meeting and talking to people and I found myself talking to another group of girls. One of them gave me her number. But let me say this… I saw her giving her card to some dude 20 minutes before so I figured what the heck!!!

the next day, she, the girl I met the night before, and I ended up hanging out. I had a big plan to hang with like 50 listeners on Saturday evening. We were all going to the fair and to the big Prarie view vs Grambling game. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take this person that I didn’t know to a function where I wouldn’t really be able to hang with her. so I just invited her to hang for lunch and she seemed cool and seemed like a people person and said she wouldn’t mind hanging with the big group. The LAST THING I wanted to do was to put a girl in a situation that would make her uncomfortable. Not exactly the ideal first date but she rolled with the punches! Anyway, We ended up turning a simple, 1 hour lunch into a an evening at the fair with 50 people that neither of us knew and enjoying the halftime show and riding rides and eating good/bad food.

Thanks to every one that partied with me on Saturday was awesome…actually, it started out kinda slow. I was getting kinda worried that the turnout wasn’t going to be good! But people did make their way to primos by the time the bus took off and from there, the fun began. There were no “refreshments” on the bus so the first stop was the “refreshment” store. After the 50 of us basically raided that store, we continued on to the fair. Our black tour bus was beautiful. But no matter how beautiful the tour bus is, you MUST have a parking pass to get onto the fair grounds… UNLESS, you have a cousin that works there. If you do, all you need to do is to give him a call and he will wave your beautiful black tour bus right in…right in to the livestock trailer parking area! Really! So morgan, our driver, managed to park our tour bus right between 2 horse trailers and we were on our way. That’s ok though… it was free!

And yes…I tried the chicken fried bacon…CHICKEN FRIED BACON? Yup! And it tasted just like it sounds. Haha.

If you’re a black guy, You already get a few looks when you walk around the fair with a girl that’s white/spainish…try walking around the fair during what I lovingly call “black day” because of the big rivalry game between the 2 historical black universities, Prarie View and Grambling University. But we all had a great time. My back is still hurting from some twisting ride that swung us around like ragdolls!

again, thanks to the group and there will be another “big al night out” real soon.

lunch anyone?

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Leaving work I decided to see if anyone wanted to go to lunch. Redneck steve is not available. Hes checking on the bar in playa del Carmen. My boy andy was busy im guessing… he never called me back. Then I went to the chick category. First text was “Alyssa triathalon”. She was busy, running, swimming, and then biking.

Then, I tried “daleah mavs”. She was at the mall and gave me a maybe.

Then “tiffany young hotness 7.5”.. she was already eating. By this time im less than 15 minutes from the restaurant. And keep in mind, im texting these rapid fire. So I do run the risk of getting a “yes” followed by another “yes”… or do i?

“angie gun show” was next but never replied. Neither did “caramie promo hot”, or “Candice no biz cards”… so that was 6 attempts and 2 “no’s”, 3 “no replies” and 1 maybe… then the phone rang and the maybe turned into a yes. How about that??? it only took about 30 minutes of work which included 7 text messages… I think there should be a rule. Trying to find someone to go to lunch with, should not take longer than lunch itself!


One of my true conflicts within myself is that I am going to be single… I have said it before and I’ll say it again. I realize that I am destined to be single and im working on being ok with this every day… on the other hand, I like to hang with a girl from time to time. Way, way, way, down deep inside, I do want to have a girl that I hang with and do stuff with from time to time. Someone to go to lunch or dinner with, someone to talk my day over with and to hear about hers.  Someone to watch tv with on the couch or to go to church with. I really don’t know how these two opposites go together but im trying to figure it out.

3am ramblings

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ok, it was pizza monday night and yes, sushi last night. no idea why i have decided to write down what im eating each day but there you go. its so hard to cook for one and it takes so much time. id just rather go out and get something. not to mention the alone factor. sitting here eating alone is just down right depressing. the only thing more depressing than that is calling a few friends up to come over to eat and they say no for whatever reason. then, you feel like a double loser. so to avoid ALL that, i just eat out with old friends, or maybe, go alone and make new ones… somehow, going out alone to eat is far less depressing than eating alone at home. i am just a person that needs human contact! like the couple i met last night. they own a commercial landscaping business and they’re thinking about moving to cabo san lucas. but they’re having the same problem as me… no one has bought their house yet. theyve been married 12 years and have a 3 year
old daughter. i would have never met them had i not gone to get sushi to go!

ok, so its 3am on wednesday morning and i woke up like 20 minutes ago, unable to go back to sleep.

lets see, what going on in my world?

need to buy payton a car.

the manager from the bar is reporting questionable sales numbers.

im going to church this sunday. cowboy game or no cowboy game!

need to work out… how come getting back in the gym is so hard?

my dogs need a bath! haha

the guy that i thought was going to buy my house seems to have changed his mind.uugh!

i have not dated anyone in months!

its 3am and im not asleep!


wanna get away? lets do it. im getting a whole bunch of people together this saturday and heading to the fair. leave me a comment, shoot me an email,, just get in touch some type of way. its free but i do need to put you on a list. i’ll email the first 40 or so people back and give you all the details.
see you there!

mom, nooo!

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I went to see my parents and I swear, when I do that, it makes me feel so much better. Its amazing. Its almost therapeutic. I spent maybe an hour at their house and now, all its good in the world. This is probably something that shouldn’t be said but im gonna say it anyway and hope that my mommie doesn’t read it. I walked in the door at their house yesterday around 5p, and there my mom was walking around the house with her t-shirt and panties on. MY 70 YEAR OLD MOTHER! In her panties!!! She’s so funny she goes, “hmmm, why did I take my pants off??? Like always, we hugged, which was kinda oogie, haha…then she said, “Oh yeah, I was about to cook and I didn’t want grease to splash up on me!” I love my mom!!! Haha….


In the wonderful world of rental properties, I think I have one sold or rented. Its so funny how things can go so far in one direction for so long and then they can change. This house has been sitting there empty for some months, but hopefully, that’s gonna change today! I am still not out of the woods but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. (maybe).


I didn’t go out last night! Yea!!!!! Well, I did go to “fireside pies”, a place that may just have the greatest pizza in the world. I ordered a “triple roni” just in case you were wondering. Man, I need to work out. Ok, today… im hitting the gym… for real! TODAY!!! REALLY!


Steve is going to check on the bar down in mexico. I wont be able to go back until thanksgiving since there are no 3 day weekends between labor day and thanksgiving. I could sure use a trip down there right about now. The business is going ok. Not making a whole lot, not losing a whole lot, just kinda treading water right now. But the busy season is just around the corner.


Well, its 4:30 in the morning and im already thinking about dinner. That cant be good. I think Tuesday is gonna be sushi night. Shin sei, here I come!


Also, only 3 days left to get on the list and hang out with us at the state fair this Saturday. You don’t have to win it or compete in any way… I just need to have your name to put you on the list. And I think theres like 10 or so spots left. Its of course happening in dallas and we’re meeting at 3 in the afternoon to start our evening. If you wanna hang out, have some fun, leave me a comment here and I’ll send you a confirmation email.

Or you can email me at



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To my parents:

First I want to say that it is because of you both that I am who I am. And even though I have made mistakes in my life, im pretty happy with who I am. You showed me what love is and you also showed me the definition of commitment. Its kinda funny but the things that you showed me most are the things that im worst at. but that clearly had nothing to do with you and your example. You did your part! I Have a long way to go. But im going to try to be as good of an adult as you both have been.

Im sorry that I spend so much time at primos and so little time hanging out with you. Clearly, this is way backwards. I guess subconsciously, im looking for something and im thinking that that’s where im going to find it. with as much time as I spend there, if I was going to find it there, I would have found it 10 times over by now. I really don’t know if im typing this letter for you to hear or if its for me to hear but it’s a struggle that I go thru and I don’t feel like im being a very good son right now. And I wanted to take a moment to apologize to the people that mean more to me than anyone else.

Even as an adult, I make mistakes. But I also am so thankful that I have you both in my life and you both continue to teach me life lessons.

Thank you mom and dad. I love you!


ok, this weekend i need to party with you. the state fair is going on and there is a huge football game that night as well. even though is open to the public, if you wanna hang out with us, i need to put you on a list. we’re going to meet at Primos, have some food, hop on a bus where i will hand you your tickets to the fair. if you wanna go to the game and hang with the group, thats cool. if you wanna just go out on your own, thats cool as well. then we’ll get back on the bus and come back.

so if you’re interested, come on. i’ll be happy to meet you and hang out. its gonna be FUN! leave me a comment or email me.

hope to see you.


big al day at the fair!

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Whether you’re near or far, I got something for ya. First, for you folks that live in this area or somewhere close by, or maybe you’re planning on coming this way next weekend, October 4th. LETS GO TO THE FAIR!!!! I have state fair tickets for that day. Im getting a small group of listeners together and taking them to what is quite possibly the biggest game in black college football, which happens to be taking place at the State Fair of Texas. IM TALKING PRARIE VIEW AND GRAMBLING!!! And the game itself isn’t even the best part of this event. IT’S THE HALFTIME SHOW MAN… YOU GOTTA SEE THEM BANDS! MAN, THIS IS GONNA BE SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! HANGING OUT AT PRIMOS…RIDING OVER TO THE FAIR!!! WALKING AROUND THE FAIR, EATING FOODS THAT HAVE NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE AT ALL!!! PLAYING A FEW GAMES!! RIDING SOME RIDES! WATCHING THE HALFTIME SHOW!!! We will be sitting on the 50 yard line at the cotton bowl. Now, we have transportation to and from the fair taken care of.. PRIMOS on mckinney avenue will be the meeting spot as well as as the drop of spot at the end of the night… they are even providing free food at the restaurant before the game. BRING YOUR OWN MONEY FOR DRINKS AND FUN AT THE FAIR! HOW DO YOU WIN? its pretty dang easy…The first five pair of tickets will just be given at random to FUN listeners (or readers) i hope to have a few people with us that have never been to the state fair before. Just leave me a comment here or shoot me an email at and tell me a quick story about how fun you are…maybe even how your fun time took a really embarrassing turn. looking for fun people to have a fun night… fun people that know how to laugh, even at yourself!!! also, theres gonna be a group of 50 of us and im gonna try my best to keep it pretty even as far as the number of guys and girls going. maybe some hookups!!! who knows???

Now if you live far away, don’t worry…we haven’t left you out. we have something for you as well. But we haven’t worked out all of the details just yet. Check back here on Monday or Tuesday of next week for all of the details!

Go out and have a really great weekend!