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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas but eager to meet the entire United States population…especially the hotties! Big Al Mack is never at a loss for words. He’s a fearless stuntman extraordinaire (except for roller coasters, really deep water and ex-wives). Al joined Kidd Kraddick in the Morning after being a client. He advertised his limo service on the show, ran up a huge bill, and was forced by the collection agency to work off his debt by joining the show. So, whether you need a guy to kidnap John Tesh, drive naked on the freeway, sing karaoke on the train, take a bath in front of Home Depot, get the most up to date news from drunk people, or lead a group of misfits on a journey across the country with no money – he’s your man. Al is single, GEE YOU THINK.


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  1. Susan Timmons Says:

    Al, all teenagers are enteranlly mad until about age 21. I have been what I think is a perfect mom and raised 2 girls who are now in college. They acted the same way you describe your son and it was devastating to me. However, something happened when they hit 20 and the aliens that had over taken their body gave them back.

    Now they actually form full sentences with me.

    Seriously, I think much of this is teenager stuff. You are doing great. Hang in there. You are making a huge difference in his life.


  2. I love you Big Al Mack!

  3. mama me'a Says:

    Hey Al –

    Okay….he probably does hate you, but most teenage kids hate their parents. (or at least they lead us to believe they do) High school is such drama and lots of pressure. Being at home is when they depressurize. My 18 yr old says that going to his room, turning on his music, chatting with his friends or doing what ever it is he does in there is just his time to be himself……not what his teachers want, not what his friends want….just what he wants!!!! Lighten up….you just started being a dad during the hardest time of parenting. It gets better…..promise!!!!

  4. joe cowey Says:



  5. I agree with Joe and the other Posters. Part of it does sound like Teen Angst, but it will get better. The other part maybe anger toward you or the situation. It sounds like he has a pretty great life now and maybe he is a little angry with you that it took so long. The only thing you can do is keep on loving him, being there and maybe involving a Professional.
    The number one thing you have to STOP doing is beating yourself up. Yea, you messed up big time, but you are in his life now. You cant take it back, only move forward. I bet you have, but ask God, Payton and yourself for Forgiveness.

  6. Al,

    I really like the points system you are doing for Payton; however, you need to be careful. Teenagers are going through so much stuff emotionally that what you may see as a disrespect or a smart mouth, may be his way of communicating to a certain degree. I’m not dismissing it, just be sure you are not constantly taking money away from him when he is simply being a teenager! Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

  7. Big al- what does the Yes mean? Are you engaged, getting married broke up?

  8. Al, dunno if you read these…

    But would you autograph my copy of “The Riff”!?

  9. Hey Big Al! It’s turkey day and I’m home alone this evening sick! I sent my crew off to be w/ family while I sit and listen to kpod. Love it!

    Just wanted to encourage you after hearing your story (again) about you wanting to do “something” big to be remembered after going to Ms. Walker’s funeral. All of you are. Giving us the gift of laughter! I was sad about being left at home instead of going to be w/family. I couldn’t go because my mother-in-law is battling cancer and she can’t be around anyone sick. Anyway, listening to you nuts lifted my spirits! Pray for my mom-in-law!

  10. Hey Big Al,

    What does yes mean, are ya’ll still together or not ?
    Love the show and thanks for all the morning shows help post Katrina ! New Orleans still has a long way to go but we’ll get there I have faith ! NEW ORLEANS FOREVER !!!!!!


  11. Oh Al! I really hate to hear Payton went back to his Mom’s in Missouri! I have gone through the “Here now, gone tomorrow” saga with both children and step-children, and it’s always so tough! You are right, he should have stayed through the end of his school semester. This should have been a decision made by the 3 of you together, with what was best for Payton at heart, and with respect for the efforts you have made to build a new life for Payton. I think that was pretty selfish on her part, and clearly not setting a good example as far as commitment and follow-through for Payton.

    Please don’t blame yourself. The fact that she just whisked him away from you is a clearly an indication that she set you up for failure. She got to play the “hero” at your emotional and financial expense. I was so impressed by your efforts and genuine excitement in making Payton a part of your world. Have you always done the right thing by Payton? I can’t be the judge of that, but I do know that you put a heck of an effort into making things the best you could for him, and being a good parent to him when he came to live with you. Hope you can look back at this time with peace in your heart, because you deserve that as well as a pat on the back.

  12. Big Al,
    I’ve known you forever — before you got big. You were 3 & under foot everytime I hung out with your sister. When I drive into Dallas, I see your big head up on billboards & tell anyone who listens that I know that celebrity.
    Words of wisdom I do not have. I am proud of you for your honesty and hope for a positive outcome with your son.
    Be blessed,

  13. Al,
    I went through a similar thing with my daughter. She was 15 at the time and thought she knew it all. She was playing her dad against me and I believed everything she was telling me until I found her in a park with a friend at 11 at night. That was it for me trusting her, at least for a while. Now she is 16, almost 17, and she finally has her head on straight. Yes, they do come back, you just need to give him space right now. I missed what actually happened, but I got the gist of it. It’s no one’s fault. Stuff happens and we’re all learning together.
    I love you and you and Payton are in my prayers.

  14. Hey Al! You know how on 12/7 you said you thought Jim Beam was a blended scotch whiskey? Well I think you insulted everyone who is from Kentucky! Jim Beam is Kentucky Bourbon! It is brewed and bottled in Claremont Kentucky! And is one of many bourbons made in KY! Someday you will have to come up and tour all the different distilleries! Jim Beam, 4 Roses, Maker’s Mark, Heaven Hills, Buffalo Trace!

  15. Al,
    You are great! You stepped up to the plate when some men never do. I am a single mom of 3 now, so I know how tough it can be. You just love them alot and PRAY even more! I know you will keep the door open for him when he is ready. I know you thought about it, hell your a grown man, he is still a kid trying to figure it all out. Hang in there and have a wonderful holiday season!

  16. Al,
    I read that you went to Mexico again. I am looking to go and wanted to see if you can help me out. What is the best website to check out in Playa del Carmen or if you have any real cool places you would recommend to stay let me know. Thanks, Janet

  17. I love the show. Do you know how fine u are. Is that your gfriends real name or is that just made up.


  19. Omg Al i think u have a sexy voice!! I listen to the show every morning on my way to school. Every morning i look forward to listenin. Have a nice day!!!

    ❤ 4eva and always,

  20. Loved you on the showbiz top 5

  21. Hey I’m going to Playa in May for my first time ever and I wanna know the hot spots.

    Email me or I’ll shoot you a message on MySpace. You have been warned. 😉

  22. Big Al,
    I just finished looking at all the photos of adopted dogs you have on the site. Thank you for all that you are doing for our best friends. Love your work!

  23. I like the logo with just your heads and the beer foaming. But, the name is wrong. It shouldnt be Big Al’s & Redneck Steve’s, it should be Big Al and Redneck Steve’s…

    This one looks much better!

  24. Congradulations on your bar. I hope you do very well and don’t let people ruin your dreams. My husband is REALLY GOOD at that and I don’t think that is the right thing to do. He shot my dreams of becoming a nurse or a surgical technician. You should always follow your dreams. I like the logo very much. Maybe one day you will settle down and find a woman to spend the rest of your life with because I was disappointed when you and Bartendica broke up. I was so sure she was the one for you. You need to work on your communication skills. A relationship doesn’t work unless you have communication, honesty and trust. Just think about the choices you make and take time to make the right choices. Even if the bar doesn’t work out, I am sure Kidd will keep you on the show. If he doesn’t, I just might have to fly out to Texas and kick his butt. You are a big part of the show and it is what makes the first 4 hours of my 9 hour day in a furniture factory worthwhile. I hope you get what you want out of life because you deserve it. Have a great weekend and God bless.

  25. Al, I love the show and I got too agree with your sexy voice I never thought you were into rescuing abndoned dogs. I love dogs and weekly I check the shelters and find homes for the dogs which we have a lot in Killeen; soldiers get deployed and the poor animals are left behind. Thank you very much for caring and keep up the good work!

  26. hey al where is your new bar located and when does it open?

  27. Hope things are o.k. w/ your dad. Your family will be in my prayers… on another note, good luck with the bar – ya’ll make me laugh out loud every time Kidd starts in on the gay guys in the bucket GGB 🙂

  28. Erik and Lisa Says:

    Big Al…we are from Austin ,Tx and will be at your grand opening!!My wife is a fan of the show and we are in Playa that weekend. We’ll come say hello!

  29. Big Al, I am going to Mexico in July and I can’t wait to visit your bar! I recently moved back to Missouri from Arkansas (where your show does not air). I have been begging my bf to bring me to Dallas. We are going to Mexico for our anniversary, I hope he pops the question in your bar! U and the rest of the gang are so absolutely awesome, I love waking up to you!

  30. I just wanted to say I absoloutely love you. You are hilarious, fun loving, and pretty nice to look at=) If I wasn’t married I would be knocking at your door. Hey, if I ever get divorced I am going to hunt you down. I think I am your type (tall, blonde, blue eyes). Good luck with your bar and I love listening to you every morning.

  31. Hey Big Al,

    Some friends and I are wanting to go to Playa Del Carmen memorial day weekend, and wanted to know where we should stay! Jennifer

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